Monday, December 2, 2013

Platinum Jubilee – Novel by Ritesh Mokasana

‘ where does will you celebrate your birth day this time ? ’ Emma asked her friend

‘ Ahmm…really I did not think anything. But why you kinda asking me such…’ Kelly replied

‘ nothing special reason, but I don’t want you speechless.’

‘ You mean, I’m talkative and do useless stuffs ’ Kelly tried to push little on her hand.

‘ hey u mad to me ? ’ Emma scared.

‘ not dear, anyway don’t be scare. In real, time ago we celebrated. You knew now its time for younger’s, I mean our kid and grandkid’s.’

‘ Kelly i knew your nature, I told you many time when I m in mood for funny things gonna don’t mind it. Even me very younger than you, never celebrating too. Kelly, in this age we should be smile and make our self happy.’

‘ Right, but all moments are not same at time. Even me trying my best to live life happily, still some time sadness covering my face. I guess may be its way of life ! ’

‘ You are right Kelly. Shell I go? Needs something to finish ’

‘ Sure why not, next Sunday we‘ll meet in church, hopefully !’

‘ Hopefully ’ 

Afterward both friends waved their hands until them both disappeared. Kelly is too old lady compared with Emma. But she praises Emma’s nature and accompany. Many time both gathering celebrate festival and any good events. However both are good example of best friends indeed. They share their contentment, affliction or any kind of tense to each other. And trying help and to encourage with great sympathy. They never studied in same school, never lived very close to each other. One day they met in church as stranger, afterward they met often resulted as good friends. While thinking Kelly flown in her younger days.

‘ Kelly talk something, why are you seems like speechless ? ’ Roger tarnished after noticed her face.

‘ I’m thinking in a way, so no more thinking ! ’

‘ You mean ….’ He stared her with some strange.

‘ Yep Roger..Why do not you think for to meet my dad? ’

‘ You knew my nature….may I have some favor please ’

‘ Some time I scare, after wedding how does our life cycle will work ?

‘ Once we ride on cycle its running, no need any attention Kelly, give me strength please.’ Roger laughed a little.

‘ What kind strength do you hope from me ? hey,you are well aware from our culture, gonna let me know ’   

‘ Oh, if you in funny mood, kinda I must leave. ’ Roger stood up.

‘ Hey Roger don’t behave like kid.’

‘ Its not kidding time Kelly. You know? ’

‘ No, I don’t know ! ’ She smiled.

‘ This nature makes me practices to overwhelmed, leave all things back ! Give me some clues or tips ! ’

‘ For what ? ’

‘ How can I face off to Mr. George, yours dad. ’

‘ Oh I see, well. Wake up early, then finish your morning tasks. Wear casuals, tie off shoes and ride a bike.’

‘ Incredible !! Well done! Now I’m relaxed. After you welcoming my home, you’ll care for me.’

‘ Now also I have to care for you honey, but what is wrong ? ’

She feels pant after some walking. Her face is smiling with older memories with thrilled feelings. She thought even Roger was younger, almost 9 years difference of age, always talking and behaving like a careless man. But she always takes an easy guy with special humor. When she married with him, his attitude has been changed day by day ! What she thought or what she assumed were resulting in different ways. He loves her a lot like day will not pass without her or night will go without her ! It was not exaggerate. One thing often she repenting was only thing Roger was very ordinary man with low income. His salary was less and not enough for her to survive well with all her needs. Even though she is very happy with Roger and with her life ! She believes, all requirements will be never fulfilled in life ! Everybody have to compromise with any of thing. Either a live or non live !

Her eye edge got wet ! Her footsteps stopped a while. She remastered one occasion when she got bed rest with fever.

‘ Kelly my sweety, drink now medicines please. ’

‘ Where did you get money for expensive medicines ? ’

‘ First you drink it , I’ll gonna let you know. ’ he forced her and helped to finish the task.

‘ You know Roger, embracing with honor leads me quick recovery.’

‘ I knew it, that’s why I love you very much my Kelly.’ He kissed her wet eyes, and drunk all tears.

‘ Roger don’t love me a lot, I cannot carry that kind burden…rather I’ll be crazy!! ’

‘ If you ‘ll crazy , promise you , later we both will get admit in same custody.’

‘ Stop saying more Mylove ’ She hugged him very tight. While hugging she got shock, she did not feels his wrist watch. With demented stood up

‘ Mylove , where is your watch ? ’

‘ watch…..ahm……mm….sweety ..’

‘ Oh Roger….hey god ! I should be cry or smile ! ’ Time seized for a while ‘ My love, now how can you see time to go for job ? ’

‘ My Kelly is my great watch..! ’ raining started inside Roger house.  

She never astonished for Roger nature and behaving with her. Some time when he is so much happy he lifted her in arms. Surely she felt like full covered shed with confidence and honest. And her face signing like stars and flying in sky. In each visit of god in church, she never forget to thanks god for to give a nice person in her life as Roger a wise and lovingly husband! Time going fast and Kelly some time thinking better she is older rather until now Roger will not able to carry all stuffs which will be undesirable.

‘ Do you know ? …’

‘ No, I don’t know ..let me know ’ Kelly laughed.

‘ The way you laughed and asking , I love…but let me finish my talk. ’

‘ Okay, go ahead now, I’m serious. ’

‘ Next month is special month for me.’

‘ Special month ???? how does ?? ’

‘ Think a little.’ Roger makes her in tense. She put her fingers on face and watching everywhere, trying to get some clues.

‘ I thought a lot, please tell me what is that ? ’ she embraced his hands.

‘ 24……hmmmm…’

‘ Roger it’s my birth day….’

‘ That’s is it ! coming is yours 75th birthday, since you with me, I m so strong .You always making me relax I’m so happy My Kelly so I’d like to celebrate with huge party ! ’

‘ Huge party ??? ….i’m now so older unable to even move easily. I know very well we don’t have more money for party. Throw this idea in garbage please.’

‘ Please My Kelly , don’t make me disappoint ! I never ask you something but today I ask you this for my life. After that I’ll never ask you anything. And you know what is so pure then gold? ’ Roger catch her legs and flattered.

‘ What ?? ’

‘ Platinum is pure then gold and yours love is so pure then gold. In cinema hall if movie run for 50 weeks they celebrates golden jubilee. My Kelly running in earth theatre, more than 50 years, so we will celebrate platinum jubilee. And that day will be our platinum day of love ! ’  

‘ Oh, I salutes your feelings my Love……but I know you very well, you don’t like to borrowing money. ’

‘ Who said, I’ll borrow money party ? ’

‘ Nobody, but I knew. From where money will come? ’

‘ You have sharp memory power, sorry for small reminder we can use privilege fund. ’

‘ Nooooooo……..’

Roger shut her mouth and kissed her gently ‘ I love you my Kelly ’

‘ I love you too ’ Both hugs so tight. Sun stopped to watch this incredible scene on earth.

I am really very thankful to Ritesh Mokasana.

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