Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dineshchandra Pathak - Famous Gujarati Poet Writer

Full Name: Pathak Dineshchandra Dalasukharam ( +Dinesh Pathak )

Your Full Address:

3 Buildcon Square, Bh. Kalpvruksh Complex, Gotri Road, Vadodara - 390023, Gujarat.

4. Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)

5. Blog's Address:

6. Reason for blogging: To share my 700+ poetries written mainly in Gujarati & Hindi with interested people.

7. Inspiration for blogging:

- Many of my friends wanted my collection of poetries to be published which inspired me to start this blog. Blogging is nice medium to publish one’s art which gets unnoticed otherwise.

- My daughter in Law helps me typing my poetry in Gujarati & my son helps me in technical aspects of blogging. Without their help I would not have been able to blog so frequently.

8. Family Background:

Wife: Punita Pathak
Daughter: Jagu Gibson
Son: Nirmal Pathak
Daughter in Law: Hiral Pathak

9. Good Experience of Life:

- After passing my matric exam, I wanted to join Arts college because of my interest in literature & art but my brother in law, who was Civil Engineer wanted me to join Civil Engineering course. However, I joined Architecture course in M. S. University of Baroda as per our community’s prominent person M. C. Pathak’s suggestions which changed my life & I term that as new begining of my life.

- Another experience I would like to share is, taking part in ‘Kavi Sammelan’ at Mumbai’s Sanmukhanand Hall on Pujya Pandurang Athavale’s, “Dada” birthday. The hall was completely full & audience enjoyed my poetry with lots of cheering. I cherish this moment a lot!

10. Bad Experience of Life:

- I left job from Vadodara Municipal Corporation to join Gujarat Government’s Capital Project in Gandhinagar but new CM Chimanbhai Patel fired all new employees & I lost my job. I then found job in Surat Corporation as contractor for 1 year & was earning less than a draftsmen even though I was an Architect.

- Other bad moment in life when my daughter was born. My wife had to deliver the baby by C-Section which was very painful for my wife & me. My new born baby also had some complication & my wife suffers the pain of that operation at times even today.

11. Hobbies: Philosophy, Literature, Music, Drama & Traveling.

12. Wife & Married Life:

- I am very glad & thankful to God that I have very hard working & helpful wife. Our thoughts do differ at times but I cherish her part in making my life comfortable with love & support.

13. Places Visited:

Visited more than 200 villages across India of Himalaya Region, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat & Saurashtra. I also got chance to visit countries like Qatar & Nepal. Favourite place is villages of Himalayan regions.

14. Opinion on Gujarati Literature & Authors:

- I respect Zaverchand Meghani, K M Munshi, Pannalal Patel & Chimanlal Vardhaman Shah for their contribution to Gujarati literature. I am influenced by Vinoba Bhave’s lectures on Geeta.

- I like Ashwini Bhatt’s explanation in story telling & K M Munshi’s stories with historical background.

15. Views on Gujarati Tradition & Culture:

- Any culture depends upon its geometrical presence on globe, mainly its atmosphere & facilities available. Gujarat had various visitors from various part of globe like Parasees from Persia & Muslims from Afghanistan & Arab countries which has also influenced Gujarat’s culture. We can see Urdu language’s influence in Gujarati Gazals especially.

- The Gujarat’s Garba is very good example of art, culture & worship. The dance in it is an art, people play Garba in circular patterns together which shows the Gujaratis amiable nature & Garba is devoted to Ma Shakti which is worship.

- Saurashtra’s Duha & Chhand are full of bravery & social messages & Gujarati Gazals add sweetness to our literature.

16. Message to Youth:

- The culture & language take ages to develop. Our ancestors have made is prosperous & our youth should make good effort to maintain our language so that it does not vanish.

- Our language, religion & life style are representation of our society hence we should take a good care in what we speak, how we behave & how we dress.

- Youth is life’s middle point which has energy, knowledge & skills. Childhood & Old age are weak. Youth with their desire can accomplish any work, hence I wish today’s youth make best out of their energy & skill for better future.

17. Something to share:

- I have come here to roam in this beautiful world. I have come to make friends & do the best I can for the world.I would be very glad if I can do something for society & my fellow beings.

18. Message to Friends:

- My friends have given me lots of love & helped me in my good or bad phase of life. I wish to God that our friendship remains forever.

19. Thanks to Guru/Parents:

- I would like to thank my parents first for giving me birth & made me comfortable putting aside their comfort.

- I would like thank Pujya Pandurang Athavle, “Dada” for inspiring me to write poetry & books. I would also like to thank Swami Chinmayanand, Rang Avadhut Maharaj of Nareshwar & my brother in law Shri Amubhai Pathak. Amubhai with whom I used to live away from my parents & who inspired me to reading books.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lawtoons - Kanan Dhru

At Very First, I am hearty thankful to +Kanan Dhru for her FRIENDLY SUPPORT about this article. 

My All Blog Readers can also visit this Facebook Page -

 Very simply, Lawtoons is law + cartoons.

Lawtoons project is about simplifying the boring and tedious laws which most people cannot understand!

Ideally, our target group is children between the age of 10 to 14 but these cartoons will bring the knowledge of laws even to the elders who do not understand the laws! We plan to subtly infuse the idea of creating a world of interesting and exciting cartoons that will attract both children and elders.

An aware citizenry lies at the very foundation of a vibrant democracy. In the society today, there exists a wide gap between different policies, laws and functioning of the Government and awareness about the same in a common-man.

More than 50% of the Indian population is below the age of 25. In the years to come, it is this segment of the population that is going to be shaping India. Their perception of governance and their role within it, therefore, becomes even more crucial. The curriculum on civics in schools is often dull and uninspiring, turning the young minds away from the questions on governance and the society. These very issues need to be communicated in a way that inspires and excites the young minds to become the agents of change. The Lawtoons Project aims to do just that.

The objective behind this project is to increase the knowledge, skills and values in children about processes of governance and basics of citizenship education, so that they positively consider themselves as components of vibrant and participative democracy. 

A cartoon is an important tool for framing social issues and can be a very easy medium of communication, especially with the younger audience.

A series of cartoon books, comprising of topics on varied aspects of law and policy will be created as part of this project. These books can be made available in local language as well as in English and can be widely circulated in private and municipal schools in Ahmedabad. Our idea is to create a book covering around 5 to 6 different laws/fundamental rights. We plan to use the crowdfunding model to raise funding for the project.

Through this project we plan to reach out to more than 10,000 children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds as a part of the pilot study in the district of Ahmedabad. We also plan to make this a sustainable and widely spread activity with our tie-ups with government and private schools in and outside the State of Gujarat. We will also be creating a social media campaign around this by having an interactive website and a mobile application.

Some of the topics that will cover are:

1) Right to Equality before the law (Article 14 of the Constitution)

2) Six freedoms (Article 19 of the Constitution)

a.      Freedom of speech (as long as you don’t derogate anyone) –right to information.

b.   Freedom to assemble peacefully and without arms (as long as you don’t indulge in anti-national activities)

c.       Freedom to form association and unions (as long as you don’t disturb public order)

d.      Freedom to move freely throughout the territory of India (as long as you don’t harm any citizens or public property)

e.      Freedom to reside and settle in any part of India

f.      Freedom to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business (as long as you work in interest of the general public)

3)   Right to Life (Article 21 of the Constitution)

4)   Right against exploitation (Article 23 and 24 of the Constitution)

5)   Right to Education (Article 21 A of the Constitution)

6)   Right to Information Act 2005

7)   Consumer Protection Act 1986

8)   Environment Protection Act 1986

9)   Women’s Rights (Prevention of Sexual Harassment Against Workplace Act 2013, Equal Remuneration Act 1976)

10) Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act 2012

Thank You!!!