Friday, November 29, 2013

Ritesh Mokasana - Well Known Gujarati Blogger

Name : Ritesh Savjibhai Mokasana  +Ritesh Mokasana 

Present Address:

NR 28 shell compound
Zone 70, Building 30 , Villa -9, Um slal Ali, Doha,
Qatar, State of Qatar.

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Address for India :

92-Pratik Row house, Honey park road, Adajan,  Surat

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Qualification: Science Graduate with chemistry.

Blog URL : (સાહિત્યથાળ)

Riteshbhai Wish : My Wish To Publish Any Of My Novel Or Poem Collection As Book.Until Now Still Its Dream Only.I Will Be Happy If I Found Any Initiator To Help Me For Book Publication.

Reason to Create blog:  Before, my creations were published in Aksharnaad site. Once I read blog Guajarati pratibha parichay, and I contacted shri  Sureshbhai Jani. Who helped and encouraged me to create my own blog. I wrote many novels and pomes, my wish to share these all to people is my main reason.

Family Background : I’m married and got wise wife, kala. One daughter and son they are my part of life. My father was business man. But I choose my carrier doing job.

My Childhood : I passed wonderful childhood in small village named Bhaduka on the highway of Surendranagar to Rajkot. Many memorable things wrapped in my life… many occasions, I’ll never forget. Like I played many villager games with my friends and my younger brother. Once I got sever sick, my father lifted me on his shoulder and he ran for may be 5 km, that was my life’s most tragic happened…thanks for my father to gave me new life. 

Hobbies: Very difficult to list out my hobbies. Still some of least’s are swimming, travel, reading, writing, music and movies.

Personal Life: I would say, my life is happy...Co operative and wise wife. Passing life with wife and son. We shares our happy and sad moments together.  But we enjoying a lot!!

Travel: Travel is my most favorite hobby. Many places of India I covered as tourist. Especially trip of Lakshadweep Ice Lands were my memorable trip also Thailand visit.

I read many writers like Meghani, Sundram, Narsinh Mehta, Mirabai, Munshi etc...I always appreciate their effort for literature and dominate their ideas and feelings to us.

Hobby of reading carries us to deep. This potentially gives us wide knowledge. And exploration of literature will helps us to lead in many areas.

Tradition / festival / Food: Some of our old traditions still running like a normal way of life. We almost following that way! In other way we are not intervene or think about that. Some of traditions we need to change or stop. Likewise, we eating older food on eve of SHITALA SATAM.

Festivals are really one gift from our old generation. We are all enjoying well in celebration of almost festivals.

Present generation is now so smart, they nothing to say much. I would say only the thing; try to focus on special goal instead surfing net world stuffs only for entertainment.

Message for friend/relative: Every person obliged from friends and relatives. For me also many friends and relatives are my part of life. Thanks so much for them who directly or indirectly involved encouraging and inspiring me when it was needed.

Thank: A many thanks to my parents, brothers, sisters and all relatives. My all gurus who taught me useful things in my life.

At Last :-

I am hearty thankful to Mr. Ritesh Mokasana(Far Away from Gujarat, Still Not Forget - Really Great Spirite) for his above introduction. In my life, if I get chance to meet him personally, then It will be memorable moments for me forever.

Thank You So Much -&nbspPaavan Jethava