Monday, December 2, 2013

Valibhai Musa – A Blogger in Gujarati-English Multi Topic Reads


Name - Valibhai Musa +Valibhai Musa 

Address - 105, Nasir Road, KANODAR – 385 520

Dist. Banaskantha (Gujarat), India
Qualification :- B. A. (Hons.), M.A. (Dropped)

Achievements - E-Books -13 (English – 3 Gujarati -10) have been published.

A) “William’s Tales” (Bilingual – English and Gujarati) =

(b) “વલદાનો વાર્તાવૈભવ” (માત્ર ગુજરાતી વાર્તાઓનો બ્લોગ)

I started Blogging just for pleasure and to share my life-long experiences with Readers.

Munish Musa, my son-like nephew at Canada who is an IT Professional  inspired me to start a Blog and I launched my first Blog “William’s Tales” on May 05, 2007.

Till now, I have posted 400 Articles on various subjects. My second Blog “Valda-no Vaartavaibhav” was launched on March 06, 2013 on my grandson Aabis’s birthday. Till now, some 50 Gujarati Short stories of mine have been published.

I am having united family of 15 members with children of 3 sons. We were, originally, involved in Handloom Cloth Weaving Cottage Industry inherited from fore-fathers for the last four centuries. Presently, we are in Automotive, Hotel and Agriculture lines of businesses.

Reading, writing, Blogging and doing social activities.

I am happy with my wife who has always co-operated me in my ideals of United Family system. She is having only Primary Education, but I have never felt mismatch in this regard. She is the well experienced housewife with good understanding and nobility.

I have traveled in most of the Territories in Gujrat, most of the States of India. I have traveled to Middle East, America and Canada.

I write Articles on Gujarati language over and above my work of literature. My articles on Gujarati language are being published in ‘WebGurjari’ under the Title Series ‘Valada-ni Vasarika’. Valada is a nickname of mine just as ‘William’ and ‘Vasarika’ is a little known Gujarati word used in meaning of ‘Diary’.

Gujarati dressing of women is ideal one, creating and representing a respectful personality and image of a cultured woman. In spite of being we-people Muslims, my wife and most women of our community are being seen in Gujarati Sari. Most of our festivals are related with various religions of India and they, sometimes, become the cause of disturbing our peaceful social life. People of understanding should come forward to maintain peace and order while celebrating such festivals.

I put full trust in present and future generations with my firm   confidence that they will surely do some better works  rather than our old generation. It is expected that they should maintain balance of both western and oriental cultures.

My message to the young generation of India is that they should follow and propagate for fair elections of our democracy. It is randomly estimated that the population of youths in our country is above 60% and hence the bright future and prosperity of our country depends on their ideal thinking and understanding.

While writing my Introduction, I think about enthusiasm of Mr. Paavan Jethava. He is really a man of action for the activity he has undertaken. It is a good attempt of collecting information from worldwide spread Gujarati Bloggers. May Almighty Creator  of the worlds favor him with success for the activity he has opted here.

My message to my friends and relatives is interwoven in a very brief slogan of ‘Scouts and Guides’ such as ‘Do a good turn (work) daily.’.

Happy incidents are many in my life, but the most affected one to my mind and heart with full of satisfaction is the only one and it is ‘Our united endeavor of our native people of Kanodar to collect funds and Charity Shop items for BPA (Blind People Association), Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. We motivated the people in co-operation with local Trusts in such a zealous initiatives that we could collect a Truck Load of Items and handsome amount of         cash donations.

Sad experience of life was when my father was no more when I was only 16. This incident proved to be a good lesson-teaching experience of life for me how to lead united family.

First and first of all, I am thankful to the Creator of the worlds who bestowed His uncountable favors upon me even in times of adversities during my life.

I am thankful to my first mother who nourished to us all brothers and sisters (her step children) with love and devotion selflessly.

I am thankful to my second mother (my biological mother) and my father also who taught me/us ethics and values of life.

I am thankful to my wife who remained with me all the times with her helping hand to maintain our peaceful family life and also fulfill my duties towards other than myself.

I am thankful to all my teachers who always encouraged me in my studies and extra - curricular activities.

I am thankful to my nearest friends both the Late Mr. Jeff (Jafferbhai F. Soonasra of USA) and the Late Mr. N. K. Chaudhary of Kanodar who taught me how  and what to extent one should struggle against the adversities in life. 

I am thankful to some local old hand people of my village who are no more today, but they have inspired me to do something to our capacity for the good of the society.  

I am thankful to my youngest son Mohamadali who taught me not to be harsh towards children and to behave with them softly even in case of any undue indiscipline. Counseling approach is the only way while growing children.

I am thankful to my youngest grandson Aabis s/o Mohmadali (mentioned above) who has taught me a good virtue of forbearance in spite of his innocent   and tumultuous mischiefs.

Now, I am feeling really good after meeting to Mr. Valibhai Musa having  great achievements and doing various activities.

It’s my pleasure to introduce him to all of my Blog Readers. Thanks a lot to Valikaka!! Have a happy time with your family and friends. - Paavan Jethava