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Rajnikumar Pandya - Famous Writer Novelist

 +Rajnikumar Pandya is one of the few writers who has claimed recognition in India and abroad in spite of the fact that he writes in Gujarati.

D-8, Rajdeep Park, Meera Char Rasta,
Baliya Kaka Road, Maninagar,
Ahmedabad - 380 028
E-mail :

You can visit his blogs also Here -

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Rajnikumar was born in Jetpur in Saurashtra on 6th July, 1938. He started writing short stories around 1958-59. He started receiving recognition, awards and prizes but being a commerce graduate, he had to spend most of his time in audit work and bank job. But after 1980, he achieved immeasurable fame as a writer through his column Zabkar in +Sandesh News . His demand as a writer grew so much that in 1989, he left his coveted job of a manager in a nationalized bank for a full time writing. The graph of his literary career began to ascend higher and higher.

Till 2009, around 50 books of Shri Rajnikumar Pandya have been published. Out of this voluminous work, there are only seven novels but half of them have been made into TV serials or Plays. His novel Kunti brought him immense recognition as the novel as turned into a Hindi TV serial twice at national as well as international levels.

It was telecast in prime time. The famous film star Dev Anand himself had written a letter to the Rajnikumar asking for his novel Kunti for the film. Moreover, the writer was invited to the USA where he lived among the real life characters of his docu-novel Pushpadah. 

Filmmaker Sushila Bhatia of Mumbai is making a TV serial in Hindi Woh Subha Hogi based on the novel. Its dialogues are written by her brother Harish Bhimani ('Main Samay Hu' fame). The famous actress Asha Parekh also made a TV episode for the serial Jyoti based on Rajnikumar's short story Jugar. The renowned drama artist of Mumbai Arvind Joshi made a beautiful stage play Aina Tute to Bane Abhala based on Rajnikumar's novel Avatar. 

Ahmedabad Doordarshan had made several episodes for TV serial Bhat Bhat Ke Log on the writer's short stories. His book Parbhava Na Pitrai was also turned into a telefilm. The famous National School of Drama(Delhi) staged his short story Kampan Jara Jara in his presence where he was specially invited. 

Besides these novels, Rajnikumar Pandya has penned around 10 collections of short stories, several life-sketches and books of biographies with literary flavor. His book Anokha Jivanchitro the collection of life-sketches is now taught as textbook at M.A. Part II in Veer Narmad University, Surat.

Rajnikumar's superiority lies in his highly aesthetically delightful editing. He has edited the life-stories and auto biographies of renowned personalities like Ratibhai Gondhia of Rajkot to master actor Shri Upendra Trivedi. In some of these the prestigious writer Biren Kothari has collaborated with him.

His contribution to visual media is also remarkable. In collaboration with Dhimant Purohit (formerly +Aaj Tak News Channel, Now with Divya Bhaskar) he helped in digitalise Visami Sadi a great Gujarati Cultural magazine that was published between 1916 to 1920 and nurtured many prominent Gujarati litterateurs. It was launched as a website for crores of Gujarati inhabiting every nook and corner of the world. It was an incomparable service to Gujarati language. Moreover, he created a website for old Gujarati magazine Prakruti He also conceived video documentaries about the erstwhile ruler poet Rushwa Muzlumi and famous Bhakti Sangeet singer Juthika Roy in Hindi. He has recently prepared audio version of the Gujarati translation of Kalidas Classic Meghdoot in which Asit Desai has composed the music, Praful Dave has sang these shlokas in his melodious voice and the commentary has been given by Vidyullata Bhatt.

He is profoundly interested in old Hindi film music of its golden era. His book Aapki Parchhaiyan is based on his personal reminiscences and interview with great singers and musicians. It had been reprinted twice in Gujarati and has also translated in to Hindi and English. Rajnikumar has been honored by the famous Kumar Gold Medal in 2003 for this serialized articles Filmakash that narrated the detailed history of Hindi Cinema's first decade(1931-1941).

Rajnikumar has received five awards from Gujarati +Sahitya Akademi for the contribution to Gujarati literature. Moreover, he has also received two awards from Gujarat Sahitya Parishad, Kumar Gold Medal and Dhumketu prize. He has also received a national level Statesman Award. He has also received two awards from the Government of Gujarat and two awards from Dainik Akhbar Sangh.

The most remarkable humanitarian aspect of Rajnikumar's writing lies in his service to social cause through his columns in newspapers. His writing have often created miraculous results by bridging the thirsty with the source of water(the needy with those who want to give away and be blessed.) His pen has worked like a magic wand for many social and philanthropic institutions. He has traveled extensively in Gujarat and channelized the stream of donations from the donors to the institutions of social work and the people in need of funds and help.

He was invited by Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan USA to deliver the lectures. He has traveled extensively in the countries like France, USA, UK, Maxico, Canada and African countries, Malavi, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda. He had been invited for lectures to Muskat and Dubai Gujarati Samaj.

Rajnikumar Pandya lives in Ahmedabad with his wife Tarulata Dave, herself a shortstory writer of a repute. Their daughter Tarjani is a diploma holder in sculpture. She is married to Jigar Dave an Officer with Reliance. They are the parents of daughter Anushree.

I am really very thankful to "Rajnikumar Pandya" to spend his time with us, for above Interview.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Chandrashekhar Azad Garden Himmatlal Park Ahmedabad - Jab We Met

It was 22nd December, Sunday Morning between 10:30 AM to 12:15 PM - "Jab We Met" at Chandrashekhar Azad Garden.

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Here, "We" means I and my loving friends. Yes, I am not talking about any Bollywood Hindi Feature Film, but its about one memorable meet-up with my best friends.

I (+Paavan Jethava)was with Akshay Bhimani, Rahul Prajapati, Dhananjay Bhuva, Patel Vaibhavi and Pinkel Patel.

Our Meetup Goal/Purpose was - "To share own experience with each other and to learn more thing from them."

ભેગા થવું એ શરુઆત છે, ભેગા મળીને રહેવું એ એકતા પણ ભેગા થયા પછી ભેગા મળીને કામ કરવું એટલે પ્રગતિ.

We all 6 missed many others like - +Jarpita Shah , +Mori Usha , +narendra thakor , +Priyesh Rathod , +Namrata Gohil .

If You have totally busy routine from Monday to Saturday from morning 10:00 AM onwards, then this type of meetup will be act as special refreshment for you and your friends also and same thing happened for all of us.

When we talked and shared our experience regarding IT Jobs in Ahmedabad like Web Designing, Web Development with Wordpress - Php and SEO - Internet Marketing, I marked one thing in this garden that, "Many children were playing, laughing and enjoying their weekend with their parents."

And that time, I was also miss my childhood and school days.

Now from our talks -

(1) We shared our feelings about "How each IT employee have to work their current projects, with boss and other employees."

(2) +Dhananjay Bhuva and +pinkal patel shared their own bitter experience from other companies in Ahmedabad. I really hat these type of issues.

(3) +akshay bhimani , +Rahul Prajapati and +patel vaibhavi shared their own experience regarding Wordpress Development, Php Coding, PSD to HTML Conversions and their daily routines at work.

(4) And I learnt many things from their own experiences.

(5) We laugh together from many funny comments and credit goes to Rahul Prajapati

We all were busy in discussions and suddenly one authorized person came near to us and start shouting about Chandrashekhar Azad Garden Closing Time.

Yes, It was 12:00 Noon already, so we all had to leave this place, but some discussions remained between us which we completed with standing outside of garden.

We were feeling really happy and promised each other that, "We will trying our best to meet this way at next Sunday also."

Friendship is one sweetest way to live your life with full of happiness.

Thank You...

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YUVA Unstoppable Ahmedabad - First Renovated Municipal School

Really Great Social Work by Roquette Riddhi Siddhi and YUVA Unstoppable Ahmedabad.

Roquette Riddhi Siddhi has adopted 30 municipal schools in Ahmedabad and finally after months of hard work the first renovated municipal school, Dudheshwar Municipal School Ahmedabad 1,2,3,4 was inaugurated.

The teams of Roquette Riddhi Siddhi and YUVA Unstoppable are geared up to renovate more schools and impact as many kids as they can.

I want to wish best of luck to both these team, and always ready to spread these type of messages among others.

Just few hours ago, I started to follow them at Twitter also -

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90 Years Old Passion Photographer - Girish Parikh

  Photo Credit: Gujarat Samachar

In this post, I want to introduce Elder Age Passion Photographer Mr. Girish Parikh from Ahmedabad Gujarat India.

Yes, Every one has her/his own hobby in life, through which his/her get true happiness to enjoy.

I have also my own hobbies from childhood which I can start to perform in Younger Age and will complete in elder age.

But, Girish Uncle is still strong to continue his Passion Photography in his 90 Years old Age.

He already clicked over 25k photographs which are relate to Natural, Wild and Architecture from all over India.

His father was one artist, who can paint through his Nail - (Nail Painter). So, son got inspiration about photography art from his father.

Now few lines from his side - Girishsir said that, "I have total 10 to 15 camera." Wherever I was going, always try to find new subject to click. Many youngsters get inspiration from my work and that I feel really very happy.

I get support from my wife also. She is always with me for my passion. Sometime I also try to learn her about take photos. In short, she accepted me with my passion and never complaint.

I read about him at Gujarat Samachar News Paper. Still do not have enough details about him but I will try my level best to contact Mr. Girish Parikh, take little Interview and then publish here also.

So, everyone can read and know about him.

Thank You

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Shishir Ramavat - Gujarati Writer Journalist

Name - Shishir Tulsidas Ramavat +Shishir Ramavat
He is a Mumbai-based Gujarati writer-journalist. He is born and brought up in Jamnagar (Gujarat).

After schooling in St. Xavier's High School in Jamnagar, he did his engineering (BE Computer) from M.S. University, Baroda.

He lived in Polytechnic campus during those rocky years. Since he has always been passionate towards writing and journalism, he moved to Mumbai even before completing last semester of his engineering.

He started his full-filling journey as a journalist by joining  Janmabhoomi Pravasi, a Gujarati daily, as a Sub-editor. It was followed by Samaantar Pravah, Chitralekha (Sub-editor cum Reporter), Mid-day (Features Editor) and Abhiyaan (Sampaadak / Executive Editor) and later Aha Zindgi (Editorial Consultant).

After spending more than 14 years as a full-time journalist, he has been working as a freelance writer-columnist with equal comfort and joy.

Shishir Ramavat has written 3 novels. After successful "Vikrant" (serialized in Abhiyaan),and "Mane Andhara Bolave... Mane Ajwala Bolave" (serialized in Chitralekha), he has been writing his third serialized novel, "Apurn-viram" in Sandesh (2013-14). Both of his previous novels were published in book form too.

He has been writing columns in various publications - "Take-off", "Multiplex" and "Bollywood Express" in Sandesh, "Vanchava Jevu" in Chitralekha anad "Hollywood 100" in Mumbai Samachar.

Shirshir Ramavat is also a play-wright. He wrote full-length plays such as "Tane Roj Malu Chhu Paheli Vaar", "Jeete Hain Shaan Se" and "Hu... Chandrakant Bakshi". He has also written several monologues including "Prati-Purush". He has written few short stories as well which published in literary periodicals like Parab and Kankavati.

He is living in Mumbai with his wife Pinky and 10 year old son, Shantanu. 

His contact details:


Shishir Ramavat
301, Shri Prabhu Chhaya,
Mhatar Pada Road, Amboli
Andheri (west), Mumbai 400058.

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Many Many Thanks to Shishir Ramavat. Many of Gujaratis like me do not know about their achievements and activities, but with the help from his side now its possible.

Proud to be Gujarati - Paavan Jethava

Platinum Jubilee – Novel by Ritesh Mokasana

‘ where does will you celebrate your birth day this time ? ’ Emma asked her friend

‘ Ahmm…really I did not think anything. But why you kinda asking me such…’ Kelly replied

‘ nothing special reason, but I don’t want you speechless.’

‘ You mean, I’m talkative and do useless stuffs ’ Kelly tried to push little on her hand.

‘ hey u mad to me ? ’ Emma scared.

‘ not dear, anyway don’t be scare. In real, time ago we celebrated. You knew now its time for younger’s, I mean our kid and grandkid’s.’

‘ Kelly i knew your nature, I told you many time when I m in mood for funny things gonna don’t mind it. Even me very younger than you, never celebrating too. Kelly, in this age we should be smile and make our self happy.’

‘ Right, but all moments are not same at time. Even me trying my best to live life happily, still some time sadness covering my face. I guess may be its way of life ! ’

‘ You are right Kelly. Shell I go? Needs something to finish ’

‘ Sure why not, next Sunday we‘ll meet in church, hopefully !’

‘ Hopefully ’ 

Afterward both friends waved their hands until them both disappeared. Kelly is too old lady compared with Emma. But she praises Emma’s nature and accompany. Many time both gathering celebrate festival and any good events. However both are good example of best friends indeed. They share their contentment, affliction or any kind of tense to each other. And trying help and to encourage with great sympathy. They never studied in same school, never lived very close to each other. One day they met in church as stranger, afterward they met often resulted as good friends. While thinking Kelly flown in her younger days.

‘ Kelly talk something, why are you seems like speechless ? ’ Roger tarnished after noticed her face.

‘ I’m thinking in a way, so no more thinking ! ’

‘ You mean ….’ He stared her with some strange.

‘ Yep Roger..Why do not you think for to meet my dad? ’

‘ You knew my nature….may I have some favor please ’

‘ Some time I scare, after wedding how does our life cycle will work ?

‘ Once we ride on cycle its running, no need any attention Kelly, give me strength please.’ Roger laughed a little.

‘ What kind strength do you hope from me ? hey,you are well aware from our culture, gonna let me know ’   

‘ Oh, if you in funny mood, kinda I must leave. ’ Roger stood up.

‘ Hey Roger don’t behave like kid.’

‘ Its not kidding time Kelly. You know? ’

‘ No, I don’t know ! ’ She smiled.

‘ This nature makes me practices to overwhelmed, leave all things back ! Give me some clues or tips ! ’

‘ For what ? ’

‘ How can I face off to Mr. George, yours dad. ’

‘ Oh I see, well. Wake up early, then finish your morning tasks. Wear casuals, tie off shoes and ride a bike.’

‘ Incredible !! Well done! Now I’m relaxed. After you welcoming my home, you’ll care for me.’

‘ Now also I have to care for you honey, but what is wrong ? ’

She feels pant after some walking. Her face is smiling with older memories with thrilled feelings. She thought even Roger was younger, almost 9 years difference of age, always talking and behaving like a careless man. But she always takes an easy guy with special humor. When she married with him, his attitude has been changed day by day ! What she thought or what she assumed were resulting in different ways. He loves her a lot like day will not pass without her or night will go without her ! It was not exaggerate. One thing often she repenting was only thing Roger was very ordinary man with low income. His salary was less and not enough for her to survive well with all her needs. Even though she is very happy with Roger and with her life ! She believes, all requirements will be never fulfilled in life ! Everybody have to compromise with any of thing. Either a live or non live !

Her eye edge got wet ! Her footsteps stopped a while. She remastered one occasion when she got bed rest with fever.

‘ Kelly my sweety, drink now medicines please. ’

‘ Where did you get money for expensive medicines ? ’

‘ First you drink it , I’ll gonna let you know. ’ he forced her and helped to finish the task.

‘ You know Roger, embracing with honor leads me quick recovery.’

‘ I knew it, that’s why I love you very much my Kelly.’ He kissed her wet eyes, and drunk all tears.

‘ Roger don’t love me a lot, I cannot carry that kind burden…rather I’ll be crazy!! ’

‘ If you ‘ll crazy , promise you , later we both will get admit in same custody.’

‘ Stop saying more Mylove ’ She hugged him very tight. While hugging she got shock, she did not feels his wrist watch. With demented stood up

‘ Mylove , where is your watch ? ’

‘ watch…..ahm……mm….sweety ..’

‘ Oh Roger….hey god ! I should be cry or smile ! ’ Time seized for a while ‘ My love, now how can you see time to go for job ? ’

‘ My Kelly is my great watch..! ’ raining started inside Roger house.  

She never astonished for Roger nature and behaving with her. Some time when he is so much happy he lifted her in arms. Surely she felt like full covered shed with confidence and honest. And her face signing like stars and flying in sky. In each visit of god in church, she never forget to thanks god for to give a nice person in her life as Roger a wise and lovingly husband! Time going fast and Kelly some time thinking better she is older rather until now Roger will not able to carry all stuffs which will be undesirable.

‘ Do you know ? …’

‘ No, I don’t know ..let me know ’ Kelly laughed.

‘ The way you laughed and asking , I love…but let me finish my talk. ’

‘ Okay, go ahead now, I’m serious. ’

‘ Next month is special month for me.’

‘ Special month ???? how does ?? ’

‘ Think a little.’ Roger makes her in tense. She put her fingers on face and watching everywhere, trying to get some clues.

‘ I thought a lot, please tell me what is that ? ’ she embraced his hands.

‘ 24……hmmmm…’

‘ Roger it’s my birth day….’

‘ That’s is it ! coming is yours 75th birthday, since you with me, I m so strong .You always making me relax I’m so happy My Kelly so I’d like to celebrate with huge party ! ’

‘ Huge party ??? ….i’m now so older unable to even move easily. I know very well we don’t have more money for party. Throw this idea in garbage please.’

‘ Please My Kelly , don’t make me disappoint ! I never ask you something but today I ask you this for my life. After that I’ll never ask you anything. And you know what is so pure then gold? ’ Roger catch her legs and flattered.

‘ What ?? ’

‘ Platinum is pure then gold and yours love is so pure then gold. In cinema hall if movie run for 50 weeks they celebrates golden jubilee. My Kelly running in earth theatre, more than 50 years, so we will celebrate platinum jubilee. And that day will be our platinum day of love ! ’  

‘ Oh, I salutes your feelings my Love……but I know you very well, you don’t like to borrowing money. ’

‘ Who said, I’ll borrow money party ? ’

‘ Nobody, but I knew. From where money will come? ’

‘ You have sharp memory power, sorry for small reminder we can use privilege fund. ’

‘ Nooooooo……..’

Roger shut her mouth and kissed her gently ‘ I love you my Kelly ’

‘ I love you too ’ Both hugs so tight. Sun stopped to watch this incredible scene on earth.

I am really very thankful to Ritesh Mokasana.

If anyone (blog readers) wants to know about him in details then Just Click Here and you can meet with him very closely.

Valibhai Musa – A Blogger in Gujarati-English Multi Topic Reads


Name - Valibhai Musa +Valibhai Musa 

Address - 105, Nasir Road, KANODAR – 385 520

Dist. Banaskantha (Gujarat), India
Qualification :- B. A. (Hons.), M.A. (Dropped)

Achievements - E-Books -13 (English – 3 Gujarati -10) have been published.

A) “William’s Tales” (Bilingual – English and Gujarati) =

(b) “વલદાનો વાર્તાવૈભવ” (માત્ર ગુજરાતી વાર્તાઓનો બ્લોગ)

I started Blogging just for pleasure and to share my life-long experiences with Readers.

Munish Musa, my son-like nephew at Canada who is an IT Professional  inspired me to start a Blog and I launched my first Blog “William’s Tales” on May 05, 2007.

Till now, I have posted 400 Articles on various subjects. My second Blog “Valda-no Vaartavaibhav” was launched on March 06, 2013 on my grandson Aabis’s birthday. Till now, some 50 Gujarati Short stories of mine have been published.

I am having united family of 15 members with children of 3 sons. We were, originally, involved in Handloom Cloth Weaving Cottage Industry inherited from fore-fathers for the last four centuries. Presently, we are in Automotive, Hotel and Agriculture lines of businesses.

Reading, writing, Blogging and doing social activities.

I am happy with my wife who has always co-operated me in my ideals of United Family system. She is having only Primary Education, but I have never felt mismatch in this regard. She is the well experienced housewife with good understanding and nobility.

I have traveled in most of the Territories in Gujrat, most of the States of India. I have traveled to Middle East, America and Canada.

I write Articles on Gujarati language over and above my work of literature. My articles on Gujarati language are being published in ‘WebGurjari’ under the Title Series ‘Valada-ni Vasarika’. Valada is a nickname of mine just as ‘William’ and ‘Vasarika’ is a little known Gujarati word used in meaning of ‘Diary’.

Gujarati dressing of women is ideal one, creating and representing a respectful personality and image of a cultured woman. In spite of being we-people Muslims, my wife and most women of our community are being seen in Gujarati Sari. Most of our festivals are related with various religions of India and they, sometimes, become the cause of disturbing our peaceful social life. People of understanding should come forward to maintain peace and order while celebrating such festivals.

I put full trust in present and future generations with my firm   confidence that they will surely do some better works  rather than our old generation. It is expected that they should maintain balance of both western and oriental cultures.

My message to the young generation of India is that they should follow and propagate for fair elections of our democracy. It is randomly estimated that the population of youths in our country is above 60% and hence the bright future and prosperity of our country depends on their ideal thinking and understanding.

While writing my Introduction, I think about enthusiasm of Mr. Paavan Jethava. He is really a man of action for the activity he has undertaken. It is a good attempt of collecting information from worldwide spread Gujarati Bloggers. May Almighty Creator  of the worlds favor him with success for the activity he has opted here.

My message to my friends and relatives is interwoven in a very brief slogan of ‘Scouts and Guides’ such as ‘Do a good turn (work) daily.’.

Happy incidents are many in my life, but the most affected one to my mind and heart with full of satisfaction is the only one and it is ‘Our united endeavor of our native people of Kanodar to collect funds and Charity Shop items for BPA (Blind People Association), Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. We motivated the people in co-operation with local Trusts in such a zealous initiatives that we could collect a Truck Load of Items and handsome amount of         cash donations.

Sad experience of life was when my father was no more when I was only 16. This incident proved to be a good lesson-teaching experience of life for me how to lead united family.

First and first of all, I am thankful to the Creator of the worlds who bestowed His uncountable favors upon me even in times of adversities during my life.

I am thankful to my first mother who nourished to us all brothers and sisters (her step children) with love and devotion selflessly.

I am thankful to my second mother (my biological mother) and my father also who taught me/us ethics and values of life.

I am thankful to my wife who remained with me all the times with her helping hand to maintain our peaceful family life and also fulfill my duties towards other than myself.

I am thankful to all my teachers who always encouraged me in my studies and extra - curricular activities.

I am thankful to my nearest friends both the Late Mr. Jeff (Jafferbhai F. Soonasra of USA) and the Late Mr. N. K. Chaudhary of Kanodar who taught me how  and what to extent one should struggle against the adversities in life. 

I am thankful to some local old hand people of my village who are no more today, but they have inspired me to do something to our capacity for the good of the society.  

I am thankful to my youngest son Mohamadali who taught me not to be harsh towards children and to behave with them softly even in case of any undue indiscipline. Counseling approach is the only way while growing children.

I am thankful to my youngest grandson Aabis s/o Mohmadali (mentioned above) who has taught me a good virtue of forbearance in spite of his innocent   and tumultuous mischiefs.

Now, I am feeling really good after meeting to Mr. Valibhai Musa having  great achievements and doing various activities.

It’s my pleasure to introduce him to all of my Blog Readers. Thanks a lot to Valikaka!! Have a happy time with your family and friends. - Paavan Jethava

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bhavesh Pandya - Meet Great Story Writer

Bhavesh Pandya +Bhavesh Pandya
6, Marutinandan Society
Behind Saragam Banglow
Shivnagar, Deesa, Gujarat India
Pin: 385535

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Contact phone numbers:
Mo: +91 09428136918 / +91 09925044838

My Email :

Blog :


Since Last 8 years, I am serving as Primary Teacher and coordinator in Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan for last four years..


I have been Awarded with ‘‘Sir Ratan Tata Innovative Teacher’s Award’’ by IIM [Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad] in the year 2005 as an innovative teacher at conference in Madurai.

I am National record holder in ‘Limca book of National record in 2009’for writing 800 story and 100 song without use of compound consonant.

My School:-

Sanath Primary School is selected in India of 200 School by IIM for Innovative School. At present, I am working in Ranapur u.vas primary school as an coordinator.


STD 5 to 7 Social Science Text Book on base of Project base learning. For Gujarat State School Text Book Board (GSSTB)

STD 3 to 4 Environment Text Book on base of activity base learning. Gujarat State School Text Book Board (GSSTB)

STD 1 to 4 Environment Text Book for Gujarat State sarv shiksha abhiyan project on base of activity base learning (pravrutti dhvara gnan ‘PRAGNA’).

STD 3 and 4 Exercise Book of Environment for Gujarat State School Text Book Board (GSSTB)

STD 5 and 6 Map and Exercise Book  of  Social Science for Gujarat State School Text Book Board (GSSTB)

Column & Publication:-

In the last ten years I have developed a book named ‘Aagvu and Anokhu’ (Brilliant and Unique) (series of articles introducing impressive students/persons).

‘Chalo Ramakda Banaviye’ (‘Come, Let’s make toys’ – a book showing process of making educational toys out of waste.This book is selected in NCERT,New Delhi).

‘Samajanni varata’(story on basic concept of science,with out use of compound consonant.)

‘Varata Re varata’(moral story without use of compound consonant.)

I have written a series of stories without compound consonants in various dailies.

I regularly write stories without compound consonants. I aspire to still move ahead in this interest of mine.

My story book called Varata re varata(story story) ,Samajanni vato (story of understanding.) and Ganitno jadugar(Master of math.)

My self-composed children’s songs and rhymes have been compiled in a book called ‘Geet Tarang’– Part I and II in which more than 150 rhymes and children’s songs are written.

I has been writing a song called Dadano dangoro.

And out of which 300 songs are without compound consonants.


Member in rural  curriculum development(MHRD New Delhi)

State resource group in Gujarat council of education research and training (GCERT Gandhinagar).

Core group member in learning guaranty program.(Sarve Shikhsha Abhiyan Mission, SSA Gandhinagar)

Core group member in Building as learning aid Project(BALA Gandhinagar)

Innovation council (Gujarat Govt.)

All India innovative teachers selection comity.(IIM Ahmedabad,Gujarat innovation commotion & GCERT)

At the end,

I am Paavan Jethava , really thankful to Bhaveshbhai. He spent his time for me and other blog readers. I hope, in future - He will give support me for more informative and helpful articles from his side.

Jay Shri Krishna.

Proud to be Gujarati

Friday, November 29, 2013

Ritesh Mokasana - Well Known Gujarati Blogger

Name : Ritesh Savjibhai Mokasana  +Ritesh Mokasana 

Present Address:

NR 28 shell compound
Zone 70, Building 30 , Villa -9, Um slal Ali, Doha,
Qatar, State of Qatar.

View Larger Map 

Address for India :

92-Pratik Row house, Honey park road, Adajan,  Surat

View Larger Map 

Qualification: Science Graduate with chemistry.

Blog URL : (સાહિત્યથાળ)

Riteshbhai Wish : My Wish To Publish Any Of My Novel Or Poem Collection As Book.Until Now Still Its Dream Only.I Will Be Happy If I Found Any Initiator To Help Me For Book Publication.

Reason to Create blog:  Before, my creations were published in Aksharnaad site. Once I read blog Guajarati pratibha parichay, and I contacted shri  Sureshbhai Jani. Who helped and encouraged me to create my own blog. I wrote many novels and pomes, my wish to share these all to people is my main reason.

Family Background : I’m married and got wise wife, kala. One daughter and son they are my part of life. My father was business man. But I choose my carrier doing job.

My Childhood : I passed wonderful childhood in small village named Bhaduka on the highway of Surendranagar to Rajkot. Many memorable things wrapped in my life… many occasions, I’ll never forget. Like I played many villager games with my friends and my younger brother. Once I got sever sick, my father lifted me on his shoulder and he ran for may be 5 km, that was my life’s most tragic happened…thanks for my father to gave me new life. 

Hobbies: Very difficult to list out my hobbies. Still some of least’s are swimming, travel, reading, writing, music and movies.

Personal Life: I would say, my life is happy...Co operative and wise wife. Passing life with wife and son. We shares our happy and sad moments together.  But we enjoying a lot!!

Travel: Travel is my most favorite hobby. Many places of India I covered as tourist. Especially trip of Lakshadweep Ice Lands were my memorable trip also Thailand visit.

I read many writers like Meghani, Sundram, Narsinh Mehta, Mirabai, Munshi etc...I always appreciate their effort for literature and dominate their ideas and feelings to us.

Hobby of reading carries us to deep. This potentially gives us wide knowledge. And exploration of literature will helps us to lead in many areas.

Tradition / festival / Food: Some of our old traditions still running like a normal way of life. We almost following that way! In other way we are not intervene or think about that. Some of traditions we need to change or stop. Likewise, we eating older food on eve of SHITALA SATAM.

Festivals are really one gift from our old generation. We are all enjoying well in celebration of almost festivals.

Present generation is now so smart, they nothing to say much. I would say only the thing; try to focus on special goal instead surfing net world stuffs only for entertainment.

Message for friend/relative: Every person obliged from friends and relatives. For me also many friends and relatives are my part of life. Thanks so much for them who directly or indirectly involved encouraging and inspiring me when it was needed.

Thank: A many thanks to my parents, brothers, sisters and all relatives. My all gurus who taught me useful things in my life.

At Last :-

I am hearty thankful to Mr. Ritesh Mokasana(Far Away from Gujarat, Still Not Forget - Really Great Spirite) for his above introduction. In my life, if I get chance to meet him personally, then It will be memorable moments for me forever.

Thank You So Much -&nbspPaavan Jethava

Maya Raichura - Meet This Famous Gujarati Blogger

 My name is Raichura Maya Sudhir. +Maya Raichura 

My address:
A/ 3, Bluesky co op housing society ltd,
Opp Swagat Hall,
Carter Road No 5,
Mumbai - 400066

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I did from H.A College of Commerce Ahemadabad 1983.

I’m a housewife and there are 4 members in my family : my husband , my son, my daughter-in-law, and me .

I love reading n writing .I like reading shayris and gazals, story books from my teenage days. 

I like cooking too. All this lead me to the wonderful world of blogging. I also enjoy listening to music.

Mostly old hindi and gujarati songs. But most important thing is my love towards gujarati language.

I firmly believe that every one should know their mother tongue.

That is ………why I started a gujarati blog called (About Poetry, Ghazal, Recipe, Articles on different topics, Shayari, Quotes Etc.. in Gujarati Launguage) .

My son, who is the founder of a famous management portal:, motivated me to write and blog.

He taught me every thing about blogging.

My father in law is a social worker. He serves food to poor people at Porbandar. He is my inspiration.

Once my son had visited Delhi for the TIE conference, I missed him, so I wrote a little in my diary n slept. When my son came home and saw and read what I wrote for him, he asked me to try to write mote. He appreciated my writing. And thus my journey started.

I request all Gujju parents to teach Gujarati language to their children.  A child can learn many things from his mother tongue.

Our every custom is cheerful .Our festivals gives colors to our life.

First of all I thank god for his blessings. I am also thankful to my family and every one who supported me.

Once again I thank to my loving sun (son) +Kartik Raichura . Without his help I’m nothing .God bless u my son.

You can also join here at Facebook -

Now Few Words from my side - 

I really very thankful to Maya Raichura (For me, she is Mayamasi(in Gujju style)). 

She give her time to us for this introduction which will be helpful to present generation(like me) and also for next generation.

Jay Shri Krishna and proud to be Gujarati From Paavan Jethava

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pravin Shastri – Meet This Well Known Gujarati Story Writer

Dear Paavan Jethava,

First of all my congratulations to you. You have a unique vision to serve the Gujarati Language, its literature and the writers. I do not consider myself a person of literature, and am just a story writer.

This is how it started…

When I was in my SSC year (1957) I wrote one Gujarati Story “Paagalni PreyasIo,” (પાગલની પ્રેયસીઅો) which I sent to “Nav Vidhan”(નવવિધાન) weekly magazine. The editor of the magazine liked that story, and this became my first published story. 'વીલ' 'રાહતને રાહે' 'સાભાર પરત' 'સ્ટ્રૉબેરીનો પ્રસાદ' 'દહીંવડાના શુકન' 'ભુરુ કવર' received a very encouraging review. 

Within two years I wrote about fifteen stories. I paid a heavy penalty for my overboard interest in writing. I lost my inter-science year. Being the son of a retired primary school teacher, my goal should be to finish my education and start to earn money to support my family. I used to teach students to earn my college expense. I gave up participating in drama, classical music, Kavi Samelans, and story writing. I did not read any literature and I did not write any stories. It was 1959.

After completing my collage I Received a B.Sc. degree in chemistry, the subject which I did not like and hated. Surprisingly I have worked in a laboratory my whole life.
After graduation I worked for about six months in a school as a teacher. I then worked for BRC Corp. until 1968. I went to London and worked in a British railway research laboratory for two and a half years. In 1968 in response to a friend’s request I wrote a drama called “Juli Na Chakkarama” “.જૂલીના ચક્કરમાં”

I migrated to the USA in 1970 and worked in a different laboratory. In addition, I was busy in establishing myself and my family, and sometimes I had worked two jobs. From 1976 to 2008 I worked in R&D of Engelhard Corporation which was taken over by BASF Corporation.

I was away from Gujarati reading and writing for all those years. I did not know the names of well-known Gujarati writers and their books.  I then retired. I was busy working all my life. Retirement created a very uncomfortable vacuum in my daily life. What should I do? What can I do?

My wife suggested getting some Gujarati novels from the library and to start reading. We went to the GUJARAT DARPAN library in Iselin, New Jersey and talked to the owner and editor of the monthly magazine. He encouraged me to start writing. I wrote first story  'સ્પેસ' after almost half a century, without knowing the current trend in Gujarati literature and the big names of its creators.  Yes, this is the turning point in my life in retirement life. Most of my stories are based on the American life of the Indian community.

My Novel SWETA - "શ્વેતા" – was published in 2011.

It is said that before you start writing you must read, read and read. Unfortunately I cannot read as much as I want to. But I do read my friends’ posts on their Gujarati blogs. However, now I am reading and learning more than ever.  

I write to keep my mind busy. I only write for two monthly magazines “Gujarat Darpan” and “Tiranga in New Jersey” both of which are in New Jersey. Some of my stories have been published in “MAMATA” magazine. I write for my blog. At the time of this writing I have posted 67 stories. I am new in the blog world.  There are so many things about blog and computer-related technology which I don’t know or understand. I have to learn many things. My friends that blog and my grand children are helping me.

As for my personal life, I was born in 1939 and grew up in Surat. Now I am retired, as previously stated, and have been married to my wife Yogini for 50 years. I have 2 children, a son and a daughter, and five grandchildren who keep me young.

Pravinkant M. Shastri

6 Saveria Court. Howell, NJ 07731

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Blog -

Cell Phone:    01-732-804-8045

I am really thankful to +Pravinkant Shastri to give us his time to all us - Paavan Jethava