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Rajnikumar Pandya - Famous Writer Novelist

 +Rajnikumar Pandya is one of the few writers who has claimed recognition in India and abroad in spite of the fact that he writes in Gujarati.

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Rajnikumar was born in Jetpur in Saurashtra on 6th July, 1938. He started writing short stories around 1958-59. He started receiving recognition, awards and prizes but being a commerce graduate, he had to spend most of his time in audit work and bank job. But after 1980, he achieved immeasurable fame as a writer through his column Zabkar in +Sandesh News . His demand as a writer grew so much that in 1989, he left his coveted job of a manager in a nationalized bank for a full time writing. The graph of his literary career began to ascend higher and higher.

Till 2009, around 50 books of Shri Rajnikumar Pandya have been published. Out of this voluminous work, there are only seven novels but half of them have been made into TV serials or Plays. His novel Kunti brought him immense recognition as the novel as turned into a Hindi TV serial twice at national as well as international levels.

It was telecast in prime time. The famous film star Dev Anand himself had written a letter to the Rajnikumar asking for his novel Kunti for the film. Moreover, the writer was invited to the USA where he lived among the real life characters of his docu-novel Pushpadah. 

Filmmaker Sushila Bhatia of Mumbai is making a TV serial in Hindi Woh Subha Hogi based on the novel. Its dialogues are written by her brother Harish Bhimani ('Main Samay Hu' fame). The famous actress Asha Parekh also made a TV episode for the serial Jyoti based on Rajnikumar's short story Jugar. The renowned drama artist of Mumbai Arvind Joshi made a beautiful stage play Aina Tute to Bane Abhala based on Rajnikumar's novel Avatar. 

Ahmedabad Doordarshan had made several episodes for TV serial Bhat Bhat Ke Log on the writer's short stories. His book Parbhava Na Pitrai was also turned into a telefilm. The famous National School of Drama(Delhi) staged his short story Kampan Jara Jara in his presence where he was specially invited. 

Besides these novels, Rajnikumar Pandya has penned around 10 collections of short stories, several life-sketches and books of biographies with literary flavor. His book Anokha Jivanchitro the collection of life-sketches is now taught as textbook at M.A. Part II in Veer Narmad University, Surat.

Rajnikumar's superiority lies in his highly aesthetically delightful editing. He has edited the life-stories and auto biographies of renowned personalities like Ratibhai Gondhia of Rajkot to master actor Shri Upendra Trivedi. In some of these the prestigious writer Biren Kothari has collaborated with him.

His contribution to visual media is also remarkable. In collaboration with Dhimant Purohit (formerly +Aaj Tak News Channel, Now with Divya Bhaskar) he helped in digitalise Visami Sadi a great Gujarati Cultural magazine that was published between 1916 to 1920 and nurtured many prominent Gujarati litterateurs. It was launched as a website for crores of Gujarati inhabiting every nook and corner of the world. It was an incomparable service to Gujarati language. Moreover, he created a website for old Gujarati magazine Prakruti He also conceived video documentaries about the erstwhile ruler poet Rushwa Muzlumi and famous Bhakti Sangeet singer Juthika Roy in Hindi. He has recently prepared audio version of the Gujarati translation of Kalidas Classic Meghdoot in which Asit Desai has composed the music, Praful Dave has sang these shlokas in his melodious voice and the commentary has been given by Vidyullata Bhatt.

He is profoundly interested in old Hindi film music of its golden era. His book Aapki Parchhaiyan is based on his personal reminiscences and interview with great singers and musicians. It had been reprinted twice in Gujarati and has also translated in to Hindi and English. Rajnikumar has been honored by the famous Kumar Gold Medal in 2003 for this serialized articles Filmakash that narrated the detailed history of Hindi Cinema's first decade(1931-1941).

Rajnikumar has received five awards from Gujarati +Sahitya Akademi for the contribution to Gujarati literature. Moreover, he has also received two awards from Gujarat Sahitya Parishad, Kumar Gold Medal and Dhumketu prize. He has also received a national level Statesman Award. He has also received two awards from the Government of Gujarat and two awards from Dainik Akhbar Sangh.

The most remarkable humanitarian aspect of Rajnikumar's writing lies in his service to social cause through his columns in newspapers. His writing have often created miraculous results by bridging the thirsty with the source of water(the needy with those who want to give away and be blessed.) His pen has worked like a magic wand for many social and philanthropic institutions. He has traveled extensively in Gujarat and channelized the stream of donations from the donors to the institutions of social work and the people in need of funds and help.

He was invited by Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan USA to deliver the lectures. He has traveled extensively in the countries like France, USA, UK, Maxico, Canada and African countries, Malavi, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda. He had been invited for lectures to Muskat and Dubai Gujarati Samaj.

Rajnikumar Pandya lives in Ahmedabad with his wife Tarulata Dave, herself a shortstory writer of a repute. Their daughter Tarjani is a diploma holder in sculpture. She is married to Jigar Dave an Officer with Reliance. They are the parents of daughter Anushree.

I am really very thankful to "Rajnikumar Pandya" to spend his time with us, for above Interview.