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Hey Friends, Again Birenbhai Kothari (+biren kothari ) is here with us and would share  his experience about various books and their importance with us. So, I and we all are really thankful to him and I hope this article is inspirational for all blog visitors and upcoming young generation.

Books are, of course, a window to the world. But with the increasing impact of visual media, the importance of reading seems to be decreasing. Much hype has been created about reading. Even the government started a drive of ‘Vanche Gujarat’ to promote reading. Though much is being told about reading the book, not much is said about what kind of reading one should do. Good reading certainly enlightens you, but it is also sure that bad reading ruins you. So good reading is a continuous and evolving process.

I was fond of reading since my childhood. The habit continued with my study. I got such a job (in rotational shifts) that I could keep this hobby alive. Eventually, I started writing professionally, and at a juncture of time, I decided to give up the job and survive solely on writing. Though it would seem difficult, it was only due to my continuous reading practice, this switch over was smoother and I could take a career of my own liking after 22 years of service.

There are many books I’ve read. Of course, my reading is more in Gujarati & Hindi, than in English. In Gujarati, there is a long list of books I like. However, if I have to name only five, it would be: Pratimaao (પ્રતિમાઓ), Palkara (પલકારા) both by Zaverchan Meghani, Vinod ni Najare (વિનોદની નજરે) by Vinod Bhatt, Kunti (કુંતી) and Shabda thattha (શબ્દઠઠ્ઠા) by Rajnikumar Pandya, and In Hindi, I admire Krishan Chander, Saadat Hasan Manto much. My most favorite Hindi books are: Raag Darbari (राग दरबारी) by Srilal Shukla, Dastavej (दस्तावेज-खंड १ से ५) by Saadat Hasan Manto, Ek gadhe ki aatmakatha (एक गधे की आत्मकथा) by Krishan Chander, Tamas (तमस) by Bhishma Sahni, Kya bhoolun ky yaad karun (क्या भूलुं, क्या याद करूं) and Nid ka nirman phir (नीड का निर्माण फिर) - first two volumes (out of four) of the autobiography of Harivansh rai Bachchan.

World book day or any other day, I would recommend the next generation to read but would also suggest to check and renew their list of favorite writers time by time. After all, reading means constant evolution and evaluation, and not getting freezed into few certain writing or writers.  

If You want to know more about Biren Kothari, jump to this page - http://paavanjethava.blogspot.com/2013/12/biren-kothari-gujarati-writer.html

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