Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Books Important Role in Our Life

Hey Friends, I always want to end my day by learning new things, getting some knowledge and inspiration on any topic from persons like Suresh Jani +Suresh Jani and Maya Raichura +Maya Raichura  ... Here I am thankful to both of them to some his/her time for me and for all upcoming young generation especially GUJARATIs. I hope, I will get support from them in future also..

 1.    Books are like mothers. Mother gives birth, nurtures, educates. Books do latter two functions and give new birth to a person. During educational career as also the professional one; we go on learning and go on acquiring new skills that are strong contributors that shape our destiny. Books are one of the ingredients in that process.

2.    My parents belonged to lower middle class and having five kids; they could not afford any purchase of books. However looking to our interest in reading, my father purchased once books worth 25/- Rs. From ‘Sastu Sahitya’. This was like a big treasure for all five of us. We had subscription to three libraries. On the last day of the school my brother and myself used to go to two relatives and borrow their library cards too. Then we will go to these libraries and borrow about 12 books. In a week, all of us (including our mother) would read all these books and repeat the process in the next week. This was one of the foundation bricks of whatever the five of us could achieve in our lives. Two of us became engineers, two teachers and one a doctor. Even now, I go to local library here, borrow about 20 books (all from kid section – they are small and concise!!) and devour them in three weeks.

3.    There are a myriad of books. Just a few names are-

a.    Le Miserable
b.    Count of Monte Cristo
c.    Arabian nights
d.    Jules Verne’s books
e.    Power of Now – Eckharte Tolle
f.    Prophet - Kahlil Gibran
g.    Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse
h.    Jonathan Livingston Seagull

4.    The times have changed. We are on the threshold of an e-Revolution. So the importance of books is likely to reduce. This is also due to the prohibitive costs for their production as also their limited reach, being physical. But all e-Media are going to prosper in a mushrooming growth; reaching people at cell phone level. However young people should use these powerful media not only for entertainment but also for acquiring new knowledge and skills and for personal development. 

And an input from a doctor friend in USA - http://goo.gl/lY0vrd

Know More About Suresh Jani (Sureshdada) at - http://paavanjethava.blogspot.com/2013/11/suresh-jani-meet-this-famous-gujarati.html

Book your self with Book which you like everyday at least 1 hour. -

Book of noble character inspires us.It clears negativity of our mind and leads us to positive thinking.I like religious books.but at the same I like Gujarati  novel named Malela jiv, Saraswatichandra and many more.There is a relation with book from our childhood. It is the book which educates us.Reading is my hobby.If once I take the book and start reading,I can't stop my self and complete it.So now start from today to book your self with book.

Know More About Maya Raichura (Mayamasi) at - http://paavanjethava.blogspot.com/2013/11/maya-raichura-meet-this-famous-gujarati.html

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