Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cherish every moment with Books

Today I thankful to GOD as I  get one BEST FRIEND and His name is Chirag Patel (+Chirag Patel ) from Vadodara. And want to say "Thank You Very Much" to Sureshdada (+Suresh Jani ). He helps me to meet with Chiragbhai. 

At below, Chiragbhai wants to share his experience about "Books" and "World's Book Day" with us. I am sure this article will be helpful to everyone and beneficial for Upcoming Next Generation. So Let's Start...

1) Books are doors to vast forest of knowledge.Right from early age, books are next to mother and teachers for everyone. Life without books is like life without soul. Books are guide, philosopher, teacher, mother, father, tools and many many more things. Books are a very efficient tool to record human knowledge and advancements; and thus it helps evolution.

2) At the age of 17, I started working part-time at STD/PCO to help my expenses/hobbies. My first salary was 700rs. I purchased two books from that 1) At the speed of light 2) GRE preparation. I purchased many many books afterwards, but these two are the most important. My parents bought me many books as well.

3) I have read more than 3000 books. The books which influenced me or I liked the most - Gita, Yoga Vaashishth, Arabian Nights, Miya Fuski series, All of Indrajal comics, Devi Bhagvat, At the speed of light, Tao of Physics, A Brief History of Time, Web of Life, Schrodinger's Kittens, Dancing Wu Li Masters, Surely you're joking Mr Feynman, Siddharth, Kamasutra, Allistair Maclean WW2 series, Works of Swami Vivekananda.

4) Remember. Books are worth sharing your life with. It opens doorways to many new avenues in life. Cherish every moment with books.

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