Friday, November 15, 2013

Suresh Jani - Meet This Famous Gujarati Blogger

(1) His Name – Suresh Jani

(2) Age - 70 Years.

(3) He has own many Gujarati Wordpress Blogs but I am regular reader of this blog -

(4)Education Qualification - B.E.(Electrical)

(5) Occupation - Retired GM of Sabarmati PS at Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India

At present, he is living near Dallas, Texas, USA

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(6) His Hobbies are - Blogging, Origami, Sudoku, Tangrams, Hobby programming in VB-6, Art of Living.

(7) Reasons about "Why are you start blogging?"
Ans. - Just for my own pleasure. Also to pass time, in a creative way.

(8) Please Tell Us About Inspiration behind this blog/website or which person or thing or anything else which inspiring you for blogging?

Ans.- will publish shortly

(9) About Good/Happy Incidence or Experience occurred in your life, so we can also learn/take inspiration from those??

Ans. - Lots of them. In fact I try to live so that every moment is a matter of JOY. I will send URL of a few articles that depict partly that joy.

(10) About Bad/Sad Incidence or Experience occured??
Ans. - Lots of them too ! I will send URLs of a few.

(11) About Your Hobbies?
Ans. - See my blog - and Today's Creation-

(12) About your wife and your married life??
We are married since 1968, have three grown up children; and have never thought of a divorce !

(13) About places which you travelled already??
Ans.- will publish shortly

(14) Share Your Knowledge about Gujarat Literatures or other Wellknown Gujaratis?
Ans. - How is it possible to share all that I have read?! No particular favourite. In fact my choices have been changing from .Miya Fusaki’ to ‘Shri Ravishankar/ Osho’!!

(15) Share Your Knowledge/Views about Our Gujarati Traditions, Festivals or other Gujju's Styles?
Ans. - I have no liking for public festivals. I am more an introvert person.

(16) Your important message to Today's and Future Generation?
Ans. - Live this moment powerfully.

(17) About any other topic with us which was in your mind during writing about your introduction to us??
Ans. -  Can you/ your friends help for work at eVidyalay – a site dedicated for kids/ teenagers. - OR for making profiles of prominent Gujarati people at Gujarati Pratibha Parichay?

(18) Your important message to your Best Friends/Loving Relatives.
Ans. -  You should be happy with the message that I gave to you. That is a common message for all- as it is my Jivan Mantra. In short –‘ Read Bani Azad’ – a really long a reading! But you will be rewared , if you implement it.

(19) At Last, Thankful to Parents, Gurus or any other person who are responsible for your this successful life in YOUR OWN WORDS.
His Replay -  Read this - I do that procedure with heart everyday, after Yogasan.

You can download his e-books from this web-address -

All are in PDF formats, so it will easy to download and read for all of you especially person who knows Gujarati Language very well.

Its my kind request to all visitors that, "You can give your comment at below about Suresh Uncle, If you already know about him."

I am really thankful to +Suresh Jani (Suresh Dada) to give us his time to all us - Paavan Jethava (Proud to be Gujarati)

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