Saturday, January 11, 2014

International Daughters Day 2014 - Get Inspired with Thoughts

Special Thanks To - +Rajnikumar Pandya , +Maya Raichura , +Dinesh Pathak For their own views about Daughters.

Rajnikumar Pandya want to say that - 

A daughter to a man is reincarnation of his affectionate mother.She adds tender touch to his soul while fighting against all the odds of life battle, I remember that my daughter Tarjani was daily bringing a glass of cool water when I used to wake in the midst of my deep sleep,
I have written a long article about her and mine relation ship in the famous book - "દીકરી વહાલનો દરીયો" published by ABHIYAN weekly and is now available at NavBharat Prakshan.

Maya Raichura wants to say that -

Daughters are warm like the sun,
Bright like the stars,
Cool like a breeze and
Sweet as honey.
Who wouldn’t love someone like that!

Daughters are indeed God's greatest gift!

A daughter is most beautiful gifts this world has to give.If you have son you are happy but you have a daughter you are lucky  and blessed with God. At last daughter is daughter for ever.

Song share by her -

Her words for me ( +Paavan Jethava ) :- Your daughter is very cute and your effort is very good . I appreciate your effort.

Dinesh Pathak wants say that -  

Women’s nature is full of feelings, self surrendering and also partnering in pain & gain. Daughters have inborn capability to console their father whenever required. According to Hindu culture, daughters shine & uplift two clans after marrying and adjoins two different families.

They have latent energy & it is parents’ responsibility to give their daughter comforting environment to develop.

Girls’ intellectual and emotional growth is restricted or never developed in narrow minded families.

Those who know importance of daughters, encourage them & mould them like an artist.

In modern times, women have contributed in various fields which represents their capability & importance. Hence, daughters should be loved & always be kept in heart.

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