Friday, January 10, 2014

Inspirational Thoughts on World Daughters Day 2014

After Two days, It will be World Daughters’ Day and here I have different thoughts on Status of a Daughter in Our Family. So Let's Get Inspired Together.

Special Thanks to :- +Valibhai Musa+biren kothari+Pravinkant Shastri

Most of the people of various communities in the world do not prefer to have a female child due to one or the other reasons of their own. Just to create positive awareness into the minds of the people in this regard, UNO has declared 12th January as an International Daughters’ Day. It is an ironical tendency of the people that they know that they are born from the wombs of the women; and even though they consider the births of the daughters as unwanted disasters in the family.

Maintenance of the proper proportion of male and female is observed by nature in its natural way and such intentional interferences of going against laws of nature might create many social and ethical problems in the human society. Prophet of Islam has valued high the status of a daughter in these words as ‘Daughter is the grandeur of funeral procession of parents. The daughter is the only member in the family who misses the deceased parents great and mourns by heart.’ In the Hindu book of Manusmriti also, there is a Shloka (Verse) such as
यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता |”. Meaning of this verse clearly indicates that the gods like to live among those people who value high the status of women.

Peace and order of human society is the most dependent on existence of a female in the world as she is always tender hearted by nature and the male is considered as somewhat hard hearted fellow while dealing with some sensitive problems of human life.

(Thoughts on ‘Status of a Daughter’ expressed by Valibhai Musa)

I really don’t know what these days are all about and who started it! When we consider a son or a daughter equally, why all this fuss? I can’t understand why such stereo types are created that daughters always stand by her parents, and sons kick their parents away. After all, it is not about being a daughter or a son, but it is about being a person. Accept the child whatever it is, be it a boy or a girl. That’s it.

(Message by Biren Kothari)

I am proud father of son and daughter and grandfather of  three granddaughters  and  two grandsons.

This is the incident when my daughter DIPTI was 16 years old. When she came home from school, she saw that,  my wife was in severe abdominal pain.  Without wasting a moment she called 911 which is emergency phone number in USA. Ambulance came, and within 10 minutes she was in surgery.

There was a internal hemorrhage and belly was full of blood. As per doctor’s statement, delay of 15 minutes would have cost of my wife life.

Thanks to the teenager daughter who recognize the emergency and took instance decision.

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By - Pravin Shastri 

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